clobbao (clobbao) wrote in egl,

Question: Ankle circumference engineer boots?

Hi All,

There's a concern of the ankle circumference of size 3L, 4L & 5L, as we worry that it might be difficult to pull on.

Do you or know anyone that has the original Angelic Pretty engineer boots in size L, and are they easy to pull on/take off or would it stuck at the instep/ankles?
The standard sized ones will have the same specifications as the AP ones, so if we know if size L is easy to pull on, it will help deciding the ankle circumference for size 3L, 4L and 5L as well

Do you have any size 3L(25.5cm), 4L(26.5cm) or 5L(27.5cm) engineer boots of other brands, and can you measure the ankle circumference of the boots?

Thanks in advance!

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