HoneybunChan (honeybunchan) wrote in egl,

Unavailable Items?

So I put an order in with TaobaoAgent.com for a few Taobao shops, but my 3 items from White Moon have become unavailable.  That sounds pretty straightforward but the thing is: When I go to the shop on Taobao and select my size (L), it says the item is in stock (it even tells you how many).

Having not had any previous experience with Taobao, I have a few questions of some of you more seasoned lolitas.  Do sellers on Taobao usually/sometimes not update whether an item is in stock or not?  Is the number at all accurate?  Do you think there's some sort of miscommunication between my agent and the seller for White Moon?  Am I just out of luck?  Will Robin survive the fall from the cliff, or will Batman save him before he meets his end at the bottom?!


Do any of you know where I can find the items somewhere else?  I'd really really love to have them; they're a
JSK, OP, and Blouse.  I know I saw a dress on a site that used the same fabric (I think it was Bodyline?), but the design of the dress they used it for was....ugh.  These are the first lolita clothes I'm buying, and I already missed out on Dear Celine's Forest Gathering JSK and Yellow Summer Flower OP, so it's a little disheartening when it seems like all the best stuff gets snatched up right before me! XD

Thanks for any help you can give me, everyone. :)

EDIT:  Oh you guys, thanks so much!  I'll unfortunately have to wait for the refund to go through on TaobaoAgent.com, but once I do I'll try Qutieland.  If they can't get it, I guess oh well.  But thanks everyone for your help!!

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