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Lolita yaplogs?

Hey there,

I recently got a yaplog (Japanese blogging/social networking site. REALLY cool. Worth checking out even if you're not fluent in Japanese) and I've found a few lolitas on there, but I'd like to know if there's more. The fact that the site has "Lolita" as a blog design category really makes me think there are quite a few!

Does anyone have any links to any lolita's blogs on yaplog? I'd like to know so I could follow their blog obsessively like some kind of creep look at pretty lolita pictures and practice my Japanese while I'm at it. I saw the Japanese lolita's blogs post in memories but only a few were on yaplog and that post was from yeeeeeeeeeeeears ago, so I'm hoping a few more lolitas have sprung up there.



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