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Clothing-Drop Review

I recently made my first Clothing-Drop purchase!
I noticed there were hardly any reviews for Clothing-Drop even though they have been around for awhile, so I decided it would fun to review them for people who are interested or haven't heard of them before.

Clothing-Drop is a Lolita consignment shop based in California selling second hand to new Lolita clothing, shoes and accessories.
Here is the website:

A little bit of a back story:
I've been wanting to try them out forever, but I would always forget about them ^ _ ^;
I recently got a new job, so I wanted to celebrate by buying some new Lolita clothes.

I'm a huge fan of Baby, the stars shine bright's Early Summer Chocolate Parfait skirt. It was the skirt that made me fall in love with Lolita (in 2005) and it's my dream print. I own the skirt already in off white, but my dream colorway has always been black. I even bought a black head bow about 2 years BEFORE I bought the skirt because I'm lame like that.



I noticed Clothing-Drop had the Early Summer Chocolate Parfait skirt in black and it had gone down in price! It was $175.00, but it was on sale for $135.00! I e-mailed Clothing-Drop on Sep 19 2011 to ask if they still had the item. On Sep 21 I got an e-mail back:

Dear Jennifer,

This item:

Is still available and in stock. Thank you for your inquiry.

Clothing-Drop Staff

Short simple and to the point!

At this time I still wasn't sure if I wanted to purchase the skirt or not. I waited a few days, checking out the other items that I might include in my order. I then started to notice that items that I wanted that were in stock one day were sold out by the next day. I started to panic and realized if I waited one more day the skirt I've been wanting for so long might not still be available. It was time for me to make my move!



Ordering was very simple. All you have to do is make an account with Clothing Drop, add the item to your cart and pay using Paypal. I didn't want to wait 2-3 days to transfer money from my bank account to paypal so I paid as a paypal guest ;P. I paid on October 6th, Clothing-Drop sent me a e-mail afterward with details of my order. You can also log on to your account using their website and check the status of your order.



Clothing-Drop uses two shipping options. I forgot what the other was because I picked USPS priority mail which was the cheapest method. It cost $8.20 and would only take 2-3 days yay!

Clothing-Drop ships twice a week, Tuesday and Friday. Their site says if you order before a certain time on Wednesday they will ship your order Friday. I hoped since I ordered on Thursday they might add it to the Friday shipping, but that didn't happen XD. On Monday Oct 10th I received another e-mail stating my order would be shipped Tuesday and that my status on Clothing- Drop's site was changed to Delivered. This e-mail also included my tracking number.

I checked the tracking number on Tuesday morning. I was always under the impression that Clothing-Drop was located in California, but to my surprise (and delight) my tracking number stated my item was shipped from New York! I have no idea how it got to New York if they never mention New York in there website, but I'm not complaing C:. Last night I checked the tracking number again and my item had made it to my state. Needless to say I had a hard time getting to sleep!

**I also noticed that under Delivery Confirmation it said "Insured" I am guessing the shipping cost included insurance! That was a pretty sweet bonus considering I never requested it! (bonus points)

The package came today Oct 13 in a bag mailer. There was no damages to it beside from my post guy shoving it in our tiny mailbox.

The skirt was packaged in a bag with and a note on the outside. The note was very sweet! It basically says if you find anything wrong with the product let them know within a week and they will find the best way to resolve the issue. Very nice customer service!

I've read tons of reviews before where brands send shopping bags in their packages. I never expected to receive one from Clothing-Drop considering they're a second hand shop!

One side is Baby,the stars shine bright and the other side is for Alice and the Pirates! The material is very thick and the bag is obviously new only a few dents COOL! Thank you Clothing-Drop!



Clothing-Drop uses hearts to rate the products condition, the hearts for this skirt indicated that it was used and showed signs of light wear. The only defects listed were that the skirt was wrinkled (OMG THE HORROR) and was lightly faded. I was really worried because in pictures the skirt looked REALLY faded. I didn't really care as long as it wasn't gray. When I opened the package I was shocked! It wasn't faded AT ALL! it was perfect in every way! It looked completely brand new!

I really wanted the black skirt because the off white color doesn't show the daises well at all.

and lastly...

Worn by me, sorry that I just threw it on. I wanted to make a Daily_Lolita post once I actually wear this out so I didn't want to get too dressed up. I really love this piece it matches everything a lot of items that I have been gathering and my new Btssb beret I got Tuesday!


Overall Experience

I highly recommend Clothing-Drop and I will be ordering from them again in the near future. They have made getting my dream skirt a dream experience I don't even feel like it was second hand.
Thank you so much Clothing-Drop!

I hope this review is very helpful! Thank you for reading!

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