Raine Dragon (rainedragon) wrote in egl,
Raine Dragon

Brand Identity & Signature Look

I want to try something fun, So, let's play a little game! I want you to pick a lolita brand. Now, close your eyes and picture what you think of when you think of that brand. An outfit, or an accessory, or a specific print, or a specific item.. whatever it is that just says "this is ____ brand". Now, using lolibrary, hellolace, any other resource you wish and/or your own creativity, find orndraw the closest image you can to what you were thinking of. It can be a stock picture of a certain item, or a coord or a scan of a coord in the GLB... a sketch, whatever you want. Post the name of the brand you were thinking of, and the picture, or a link to the picture.

::Note::If you want to post a picture and not a link and you found the picture online, please upload a copy to tinypic or another image hosting service.

If you use hello lace and want to just link to a picture, please instead link to the item page on hellolace (per their request on their website) and describe which image (for example: the [color] JSK of [print/item name] ) , or upload it to tinypic or another image hosting service.

You can stop at one if you want, or you can do several. The more you do this for, the more info I'll have for each brand and the better the end result will be.

What I'm going to do, is I'm going to take all of the pictures people submit and sort them out into a visual representation of each brand at the end. We should then be able to get a picture of what people think of specifically when they think of each of these brands, and how common certain things are pictured. I think it will be fun to see how the perspective changes from person to person, and what it is that stays mostly the same.

Here's an list of fairly well-known brands to start with; I'd love to get as many responses on these as possible.

Alice and the Pirates
Angelic Pretty
Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Emily Temple Cute
Innocent World
Juliette et Justine
Mary Magdalene
Metamorphose temps de fille
Victorian Maiden

Feel free to contribute on other brands too!

1. Only 1 image per brand per person (In other words, if you submit a picture for Angelic Pretty, you can't submit another one for Angelic Pretty... but you could submit one for Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and anyone else who wants to can submit one for Angelic pretty as well.
2. I can't stop you from looking at other posts, but try to not look at other people's answers before you submit your own. If you do, it's ok, you can still submit pictures, but the end result is better if you don't.
3. Please don't submit pictures of other people that are obtained from a privately shared source without their permission. We don't want to upset anyone. ^_^'

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