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EGL Anonymous Report Center

This post is for the purpose of privately reporting misconduct of members and other concerns regarding [info]egl to the moderation team.Please note there is a separate post for concerns with [info]egl_comm_sales. All comments are screened and are only viewable by the moderation team and yourself. You must be logged into your account that you use in the community to leave a comment, but your identity will be kept private.

Before emailing or PMing an individual mod about your concern, please leave a comment here and wait for the issue to be addressed. The first available mod will deal with your concern and leave a comment about the action taken that can be read by both yourself and the rest of the moderation team. If your concern has been addressed but you are still uncomfortable with the situation, then you may contact a moderator privately via PM or email. Please visit this page for help choosing the appropriate moderator.

Any comment you leave should be a legitimate concern. Any comment that appears to be a troll comment will result in an immediate permaban from egl. That being said, if you are unsure about your concern, don't be afraid to leave a comment about it.

Please use the following format when commenting in this post.

Member(s) in question:
Link to post(s) or comment(s) in question:
Explanation of concern:

Thank you.

We are currently trying to assess demand for an ARC where anonymous comments are enabled. If you would like to comment anonymously, please use the above format to comment in this post.
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