chibi_tenshi (chibi_tenshi) wrote in egl,

Want to come to the Baby Tea Party in Tokyo this Friday???

So... I have an extra ticket to the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party With a Really Long Name that is being held at the Four Seasons in Tokyo this Friday the 14th.  I was suppose to be going with a friend, but suddenly, my friend cannot go.  This leaves me with an extra ticket and it would be such a waste to let it go unused, but it's such short notice that I cannot find anyone in Sendai that can go.

You can have my friend's ticket for absolutely free!

If you are a lolita living in Tokyo, or are willing to/can make the commute to Tokyo THIS FRIDAY, please PM so we can exchange info.   I will give it to the first person that seriously expresses interest in taking the ticket. 

If you want to take the ticket, I ask that:
-you let me have the novelties associated attendance
-if the reservation spots for the special items are limited to one per ticket, you allow me your reservation spot
-you be able to meet me at the hotel or Mejiro Station (i.e. get there on your own)
-remember that your outfit must be mainly AatP or Baby (so the main piece of your outfit has to be from one of those brands)

I hope I can find a home for this ticket :) 

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