Am I infamous yet? (ragnarok_hound) wrote in egl,
Am I infamous yet?

A Quest

Hello all! I was hoping you could maybe help me with a personal quest. I'm looking for a chocolate bar-shaped bag (like the house bag, the strawberry bag, or Moitie's coffin bag), or failing that one that prominently features chocolate bars, like a printed tote. Here is the problem: from what I have seen, there aren't that many chocolate bar bags to begin with, nevermind in the styles I'm looking for. I have hunted through Etsy, eBay and Amazon, and I even tried my hand at mining google for infomation. Finally finally finally, I got some results, through sheer luck.

Zazzle has these:

EVEN BETTER, Angelic Pretty (random googling, wasn't even looking for brand) has this:

The AP is exactly the kind of one I'd prefer. On the down side, I can't afford that kind of money right now (am looking at the zazzle ones though). Do you guys know of anything in the style of the AP one? It doesn't have to be a replica (although that would be nice), just one that looks like a chocolate bar.

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