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BTSSB not sending a tracking number? Help would be pretty awesome right now ^^;

Hey guys!

So I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who got super excited about the BTSSB sale that's going on right now. I missed out on a chance to get a pair of AatP Justin boots last summer and was mentally kicking myself all year, so I was super happy to find that they had a pair in LL in brown at 50% off! 

I've heard all the recent horror stories involving BTSSB's customer service, and I really wanted to keep communication with them to a minimum, but I've run into a bit of a problem and am not sure what to do. Help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I placed my order via the shopping cart and I'm pretty sure I did everything right, and I got the standard confirmation e-mail asking me to pay in 10 days. I paid and sent them an e-mail letting them know, and they sent me my shipping notification last monday on September 26th.

Only instead of a 13-digit EMS tracking number, they sent me this:

"Dear Kiga,

Thank you for your payment.

We are pleased to inform you that your order was shipped.

Your EMS number is EJ  JP."

I tried the "number" just in case, but as expected the EMS site told me I needed a 13-digit number. I e-mailed Baby that same day, saying that I didn't receive an actual tracking number and that there must've been an error, and asking for the proper tracking number. After a week I got no response, so I e-mailed them again this Monday, on October 3rd. I still haven't gotten a reply. Both inquiry emails were sent to their address, which is their order inquiry address I think?

Basically, I'm not so much worried that the package will get lost as I am worried that it maybe wasn't shipped out, and that the e-mail was just an automatic response to my payment notification e-mail. I haven't received the package, and I really don't want to have to send them a third e-mail given how awfully they've responded to problems in the past. I know EMS can take a while, but the fact that I've gotten no response to either of my e-mails worries me a bit. 

If anyone has any helpful ideas or advice on what I should do in this scenario, I'd really appreciate it!


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