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Lockshop wig review & comparisation with Mintymix and GLW wigs ^^

Hello everybody!

I recently bought a new wig from the Europe based wig shop http://lockshopwigs.com/
The Lockshop is a fairly new wigshop and specialises in gyaru and lolita wigs.
They take paypal, and banktransfer for buyers in Europe, you just have to send them an email.

I didn't purchase through their website, because I bought the wig on a Lolita swapmeet, where they had a stand.
The owner Chokelate is a really sweet girl, and their costumer service is great!
I bought the soft curls auburn wig. You can find it here: http://lockshopwigs.com/13-soft-curls-auburn.html
Their collection is still small, but in the future they'll get more styles and colorways ^^

I have to say it's the best wig I've purchased this far, and I have 9 wigs. 
Later in this post I'll do a comparisation with GLW and Mintymix wigs ^^

Onto the pictures:

Warning: for some kind of mysterious reason, I look green/yellow on the pictures with a flash TTATT

The wig came with a wig care and a free wig cap


Lockshop Soft curls auburn wig:

without flash                                                      with flash

Shine: very natural
Fullness: very full
Fibers: the fibers are very soft and not tangle prone
Price: the wig was 28,50 euro, so I think it's a great deal!
Overal: 10/10, I really love this wig and I'll definitely buy more wigs from the Lockshop!

Goodbye Mintymix, goodbye GLW, Lockshop, here I come!!

Mintymix wigs:

Golden blonde X black bob

Without flash                                                      with flash

Shine: as you can see, the wig looks very natural without flash, but with flash it has a bit odd color and is quite shiny
Fullness: it's not very full and if the wind blows, you can see the netting
Fibers: the blonde part has very soft fibers and has mixed colors, but the black part has shinier fibers and have a bit more plastic feel
Price: 24 euro
overall: 8/10

Navy x black split set (wavy)

Without flash                                                      with flash

shine: without flash, the black part is a little bit shiny, with flash, both side are very shiny and look unnatural
Fullness: it's not very full and if the wind blows, you can see the netting. This wig is meant to be worn with 2 ponytails, so it's not so bad that the wig is a bit thin
Fibers: the black part has shiny fibers and have a bit of a plastic feel. The blue part also has shiny fibers, and they feel a little bit greasy I think? Also, the fibers tangle easy
Price: 37,50 euro
overall: 7/10

GLW wig:

without flash                                                      with flash

Shine: without flash, it already has a 'plastic' shine, with flash, the shine is really... shiny
fullness: this wig is very full, a little bit to full for my taste. especially since it's meant to be worn with 2 huge ponytails.
Fibers: the fibers feel a bit plastic and they tangle very easy
Price: 42 euro
Overall: 6/10

Comparisation of shinyness:

all pictures are taken with flash

Lockshop                                                            Mintymix

Mintymix                                                            GLW

Thanks for reading and have a good morning/evening/night ♥

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