meemee_chibo (meemee_chibo) wrote in egl,

Pictures of Blue/Navy Winter Coats

From what I have observed during my time here on EGL (and it's only been two years, so I apologize if this is incorrect), I have never really seen any coats offered in a blue or navy colorway with the exception of a few, like one from MmM and Rose Melody, but those tend to have gothic elements to it.

I was thinking of getting a winter coat since it's starting to get cold over here in CA, but I would like one that would work with my upcoming navy closet (realizing that's my color <3)
If I cannot find one I really like, I was thinking of collecting reference so I could attempt to make one of my own.

I would love to see any pictures of Blue or Navy winter coats that any of you guys have owned or maybe have seen around. If so, I would love it if you could mention the brand so I can get the idea of the style, or the style itself is fine too.
I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it any of you could show me pictures of a Navy coat with some white trims to it (that is potentially sweet).

*Note: Specifically looking for images of coats, not jackets. I'm aware there are several of those in blue or navy.

Highly appreciate it guys, thanks you!


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