lady_blubrd (lady_blubrd) wrote in egl,

A Few Qs About Circle Lenses

I'm located in the US. I've joined a group order for two pairs of these lenses recently, but just now had a few thoughts.

1. I've owned prescription contacts for about a year and a half now. My eyes are already naturally 14 mm in diameter and I understand the lenses will only add on 0.5mm.

With the measurements being slight larger is there a specific way to apply them to my eye?

I've looked up the cosplay/dolly kei youtubes of how to put them in/ take out. But, I still want to know if I need to take it a step further; is all.

2. Before switching to Acuvue Oasis, I would constantly have to put drops in my eyes every 2 - 4 hours of wear time. I don't plan to wear these circle contacts for longer than 4 hours. Is there specific drops I should use when wearing? Or are any generic, contact specific drops ok?

3. I was going to ask about it, but then I realized I already know what to do in case of blinking a lens out. XD

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