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Disneyland (California) Roadtrip/Meetup

*Veteran's Day Weekend. November 12th-13th
*My group is driving down Friday afternoon and will be in the park all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday. You can come earlier and or stay longer or even just pop by for one day. Up to you.

Trip down:
*You're more than welcome to fly if your budget can accommodate it. Airlines like Southwest frequently have sales where you can score round trip tickets for as little as $100 if you buy in advance.
*Otherwise the plan is to carpool down together. 3-4 girls a car (or more if anyone has big cars) and split the gas price by car. On average a carload would be somewhere around $50 per person on gas roundtrip (maybe less depending on how many people are in your car, and how fuel efficient of a car it is). You're all smart ladies (and gentlemen) and I'm sure you can work it up between you and your friends on who pays what, if anything.

Specific Timeline
*When it gets a bit closer we will post a few specific meeting spots and times throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday so that if anyone wants to split off from the group and rejoin, sleep in late or head over after work or PMX they'll know where to find us. We won't have a super structured day, just something like a time we plan to go into the park, a group photo op at some point and a place to grab lunch or dinner together. If we all go in at the same time and stick together all day long then that's awesome. This is just a bit of a blackup plan to keep things chill for everyone. I'll also message everyone my cell # so you don't have to wait for that next meetup time if you want to hunt us down sooner. :)

Hotel: everyone is different on if they want their own space and how much that space is worth to them but-
*There are many very similar slightly crummy hotels within easy walking distance to the park, usually between $40-$130 a night for a room with two beds.
*A nice hotel within a long walk or short drive to the park is usually the same price as a close by crummy one.
*There's also this decent hotel within a a 10 minute drive from the park that has huge rooms that would work great for sharing. They have rooms here that have a living room area with a hidabed in the couch, separate bedroom downstairs with either a large wallbed or 2 double beds, loft style bedroom upstairs and fullsized kitchen. Depending on room type and size of group it could be as little as $20 a night per person
*If anyone wants to get their room off of hotwire I'd be happy to help you out with to figure out what hotel it is if you're not familiar with that whole system.
*My group is staying at the Hotel Menage: Last I check it was no longer on hotwire but it's pretty nice, within walking distance and has rooms for $129 a night

Disney went and switched up their ticket prices/structure a bit since my last post. Prices vary on number of days as well as if you want the ability to visit both parks or if you want to choose just 1 park: CA Adventure (for rides like Tower of Terror & the new Little Mermaid ride) or just Disneyland (for all the "classics"). You can always wait till we get to the park to buy tickets, buying online just saves you time in line and saves you a bit of money if you are going for 3 days or more.

Appropriate Attire:
*For various reasons, Disney has a strict "no adults in costume" policy, so lets not give them a reason to hassle us. I've gone into Disneyland in lolita many times without any problems but I also know people who have not been allowed in based on what they were wearing. We all know that we are not in costume when we wear lolita but "the normals" get confused so easily. ;)
*Yes: comfy walking shoes, casual lolita or at least something you won't mind getting a bit dirty or wet. Also accessories that can easily be tucked away into a purse (like giant headbows) probably should, just until we get into the park.
*No: super over the top sweet outfits, tiaras, crazy wigs, anything super princessy or anything themed like a Disney character.

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And a few others from facebook who's LJ names slip my mind

*Info listed is mostly for the girls from the bay area that are coming down together but so cal lolitas that can make it are of course more than welcome to join us. I know Saturday is a blackout day for the So Cal annual passes but there's always Sunday (which is not a blackout date).

*Yes, I am aware that this is PMX weekend and it's likely that there are some girls that may not be able to make it because of that. This just happened to be the best weekend for everyone's work & school schedules. My hope is that they're close enough to each other that if anyone wanted to they could still go to both.

*A few girls have asked if it's ok to bring their boyfriend, husband, friend who doesn't want to dress up etc or expressed concern that they'd be "the only guy". You are welcome to bring whoever you'd like with you, this is Disneyland, I don't expect you to make them stay at home! And if they don't want to dress up that's fine too. It's all about getting together and having a good time. I can promise that there will be at least a few guys in the group as well.

In case you missed them and wanted to go back to read the old posts: original trip planning post
and where we voted on which weekend to go.
and where we talked about what days people plan on going and what types of tickets they plan on buying.


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