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I'm hoping this'll be my first dress!! ~AND~ I think I've decided on the shoe--in pink!
I'm going to ask for it for christmas~! What do you think? I think it looks adorable. <3<3 I have an off-brand blouse already that could go with it. I'd hope to go to my first meetup in this <3 By the way, hello, I have been away from the computer for a long time!
~AND also~
 I need shoes to match the dress, which I'm deciding on either mint, lavender or pink. I have black mary janes but I don't think they'd match very well. So I would like white teaparty shoes! Any good recommendations? I'm just beginning lolita, and I would love teaparty shoes that aren't too expensive, I need to convince my dad into purchasing them xD Any suggestions? Thank you very much! Sorry for overly posting, my newbie mistake~
~Edit~ I'm thinking perhaps these shoes from Bodyline, in pink: I need shoes that are very inexpensive, but I hope they aren't bad quality? They look kind of cute~! And are in my size. (235=7-71/2, correct?) Does anyone own these shoes or have any reviews of them? Thank you!


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