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Review: The Snow Field (Positive)

I posted to EGL Sales on August 29th looking to commission a replica of an Innocent World jsk. I wanted this JSK, but in brown corduroy.

belovedwolf replied saying that they could start the commission on September 12 and have it finished by September 18th. I accepted that, and we moved our conversation to PM. Here is the EGL Sales post:

From the beginning, communication was excellent. I was sent pictures every step of the way and informed of what was happening. I was given 4 different laces to choose from, and the one I chose was dyed to match my dress. I had a semi-long conversation trying to decide on a good winter fabric, and belovedwolf was very patient and helpful

I paid $150 for the JSK, paid $75 upfront and $75 when the JSK was completed. That did not include shipping, but there were no paypal fees charged.

The JSK arrived on time. This was what I saw when I first opened the box:

The JSK was in a cute bag with a note, detailing care instructions and various contact information should there be an issue. I don't have any worn images, but here are the images taken by the seller. There are good, faithful images. (the dress was not ironed before the pictures were taken. It arrived pressed and neat, ready to wear)

I was very pleased when I opened the bag, and I tried the dress on immediately. There were a few small fit problems, but it wasn't anything major. The straps were too short for me, but there was extra room on them, so I just snipped off the button and reattached it to make the straps longer. There is also a bit of spare room in the sides of the bodice, under my arms. It isn't visible. I was pleased with the fit, though, because the only measurements I provided were bust and waist. (the seller agreed that no other measurements were needed)

Overall, it was a very positive commissioning experiences. The seller was helpful, polite, and honest. The product is lovely. I highly recommend The Snow Field and belovedwolf

I'm happy to answer any questions about my commission experience that you might have.

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