refried papermache (tsu_) wrote in egl,
refried papermache

temp sales area

hey, I know some people are unhappy over the temporary closure of egl comm sales (so am I actually, I want to buy stuff!) so I'm going to offer up my community for sales posts. For the period of which egl comm sales is closed, you can buy or sell any brand, any item so long as lolita, ouji-kei or aristocrat related in lolita_indies

All sales posts will be unmoderated, so buying and selling is at your own risk. I hope everyone will have the courtesy of not scamming/trolling the community, since I can't check as often. The guidelines will be the same as the 'normal' sales comm, only the posts are unmoderated.
Tags: !attention buyer/seller, !news, community: related comms

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