Emily (sugaryalchemist) wrote in egl,

Spoonflower Issues?

Hello, lovelies! My friend and I are desperately trying to create a print on Spoonflower, but cannot seem to get it to cooperate and accommodate the border print we want! I've searched the Archives, I've check the memories, I searched the EGL google...to no avail. I really hope someone can help!

We're using our own original design, so there's no issue there. BUT! We cannot get the file size right, or the swatch is beautifully clear and then the yard option is fuzzy and tiny...It's a whole range of issues. Can anyone tell me what the actual picture file has to look like? (As in the border print on both halves of the file, up one side, etc.) What size does the file need to be in order to work correctly? What options should we choose to get the print to, well, print right? (For JSKs we each need about 2 yards total which is a little extra.)

Also, anyone who can explain the set options of Spoonflower will be rewarded greatly. The fabric choices are pretty easy to get, but when we switch yardage the print goes screwy, and all the mirror/grid/etc stuff is messing with the picture...I really hope someone can explain how to adjust it!

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