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Boddywood / Angelic Pretty Paris

I just got back from my lovely trip! Thanks for the friendly advice I got here:

Just a quick review of Boddywood/Angelic Pretty...
I was pretty impressed with Boddywood. It has a TON of brands jammed into a little space. For those interested in gyaru styles, they have some Liz Lisa Doll and Tralala stuff--mostly knit shirts but also some skirts and shorts. I ended up buying a bunch of non-lolita stuff in Boddywood.

Anyway, on to Angelic Pretty.  It was actually really creepy!  Someone mentioned that it's upstairs. They have a little spiral staircase behind the register and I thought that was the way. But when I asked about AP, they took me outside, through a gate to a courtyard and up a huge staircase to a tiny, stuffy, claustrophobic room. The girl unlocked the door, let me in, came in and locked the door. I understand that she wouldn't want to leave someone in the room unattended but to lock us both in? Creeped me out.  Plus, the air was so stale, it would have been nice to let some fresh oxygen in.

Despite being a tiny space, I think they actually have a lot more stuff than the San Francisco store. They had a several OPs and JSKs, but in every color (colorway?). They also had a boat load of purses, blouses and accessories. There were only a few skirts.

As far as price goes, I'd say they're pretty fair. Fairly fair. :P The dollar is very weak right now but the euro-to-yen ratio wasn't horrible. A skirt, for example, was like 190 euro which is like 260 US dollars. A skirt at the AP store in the US is more like $230. So, yes, more expensive but not unreasonably so. Plus, you're supposed to get some of the tax back if you aren't a French citizen.

BTW, bunnyhuns, you were so, so right about macarons!  They are the yummiest things on earth!  TBH, I was like, "Whatever, they sell macarons at Whole Foods," but the French ones are a thousand times better!  The ones a Whole Foods taste like doggie biscuits compared to the ones I ate in Paris!!!  :P

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