clobbao (clobbao) wrote in egl,

Survey: BTSSB Cross Belt Boots Replica

Hi All,

Would you be interested in Secret Shop replicas of these BTSSB boots? Would you like the the fabric to be Patent PU or Matte PU? The original fabric is a little shining.

There might be a group order/pre-order for them and we wil need min. 80 orders(for regular sizes) before they can get manufactured. Samples will be made during/at the end of the group order/pre-order.

Available in 4 colours. Sizes available in 22.5cm, 23.5cm, 24.5cm, 25cm, 25.5cm, 26.5cm, 27.5cm(for 25cm, 25.5cm, 26.5cm and 27.5cm, if there are less than 20 orders of a size, that size will be cancelled)

If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment.

Thank you~

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