eglmods (eglmods) wrote in egl,

Announcing the Winners of June-July's contest: Lolita Dance Video!

Thanks to all the lolitas who participated! We really enjoyed all your videos and hard work! Below are all the video submissions we got. I'm putting the names of those who submitted in a list with links to their videos instead of EMBEDDING ANY VIDEOS BECAUSE LJ SUCKS.1. icymotha:
2. amandaawesome:
3. asiotus:
Winning video: akaanika:

Everyone gets honorable mention for putting something together! It must have taken a lot of dedication :D
Sincerely, your judges:
aonele, lavenderspikes, hanabishirecca, itachifangirl26, and zitronecs.

Edit: Sorry that took me so long to edit :C I fail.
Tags: !mod post, community: contest

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