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Photo contest fanzine 5 L'empire des dentelles

Get featured in L'empire des dentelles's cover!

L'Empire des Dentelles is organizing a photo contest for
the 5th issue. The theme is not imposed but it has to be about
lolita, of course! The main article of the next fanzine will be
"Laces and beautiful fabrics". That could help you to take your photos.

Mail: lempiredesdentelles@gmail.com

Please, note that we will pick up two photos based on the following criteria:

-Quality of the photo (framing, light, composition...)

-HD requested: at least 300dpi (no small size)

-It has to be about lolita

-No vulgarity....thank you

-Be creative! We don't want pictures of your outfits or taken in your bathroom....you must have a decor, an atmosphere...


-First prize: The photo will be the cover of the fanzine! The winner will receive a free copy of it.

-Second prize: Full page in the fanzine and a free copy.

will be credited in the fanzine and belong to their photographers /
models. We will not use them out of the fanzine without any

Deadline of the challenge:

Photos must be sent by the 23rd of September 2011, last delay.


They will be announced the 25th of September during the day.


Two photos per challengers are allowed.

Please, fill in the form:


First Name:

Publication name (the name which will appear in the fanzine:

Date of birth:

e-mail adress:

Postal adress (to send the fanzine, will not be published):

Name of the photographer:

Name of the model(s)

We will send you a publication authorization via postal mail (to winners only)

Old covers:

First fanzine, june 2009, by Hatsumi no Baka

Fanzine 2, september 2009, cover by Irene Orozko

Fanzine 3,  january 2010, cover by Bartaki

Fanzine 4, september 2010, cover by François Amoretti

Let's shoot!


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