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Petticoat question

So I'm attending a convention at the end of the month, and I have a petticoat from a "non-Lolita" web site.I believe it's bell shaped, but I wanted to be sure it was acceptable. So I asked my friend who's a seasoned Lolita whether or not it could work since I'm strapped for cash; but all I got was advise. Don't get me wrong, advice is always appreciated; but I still didn't get a yes or no (or maybe I'm just slow...).
Here's the petticoat in question. Yeah it looks like it's too low, but I'm a 5"8" curvy plus size so it sits up higher on my waist and hips; so it's above knee length when I wear it. 

I'm waiting on her response. but til then I would like to hear from others. Does a lolita petticoat have to have lace and ruffles, or is it just a preference?

She's probably going to eat me when she sees this post... :P

This is what my skirt look with said petticoat... (Sorry for the wrinkles)


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