Aetas Vitae (aetasvitae) wrote in egl,
Aetas Vitae

Katamari Sweets Kingdom Colourway Poll!

Hi everyone!

The time has come to start working out what to manufacture for Katamari Sweets Kingdom. Because I want to make what you want the most, I've set up an album on the facebook page, and am running a small give-away incentive to encourage voting. For every colourway you vote on, you get an entry into a give-away to win a set of custom lace cuffs!

Please visit the album here to vote:

I apologize that this is a facebook only give away, I'm afraid I don't have time to also set up a poll here :| Please forgive me, potential customers!

The voting ends on Wednesday the 21st at 6pm EST. I'll tally up all the names and draw a winner to be announced shortly afterwards :)

And once that's done, there will be another, smaller vote on which of those favorites I will manufacture, since I may only be able to do three colourways.

Thank you for participating, and good luck!

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