Stephanie (pink_discordia) wrote in egl,

Summer ATC Swap - UPDATE!

Please check your Dressed to a Tea Forum INBOX ( for the following message: 

Please update me (lilusa) on the following:
Did you send out your cards??? (Don't lie!)
Did you receive your cards?
The number sent is equal to the number you should've received.
If you didn't receive all your cards, let me know who you have already received cards from.
IF YOU HAVEN'T SENT YOUR CARDS, please send them ASAP and LET ME KNOW so I can inform your partner.  
Don't worry, if you haven't received a card you will still get one.  Me, with the aid of VisualAddict (and anyone else who wants to volunteer) will be making cards for those who didn't get them.
FINALLY: If you did receive cards, please post pics.


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