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September theme post, part 2!

Currently trying to convince the local group to go to a dollhouse/miniature exhibit next meetup instead of/in addition to the local photography house... In the meantime, since my September theme post for yesterday went over rather well, here is another one. :D I'm actually kind of ehhh about this outfit... for some reason I feel the shorts are awkward-looking?

You may notice I'm wearing the same vest and jacket... That's not because I don't own more vests and jackets, I definitely do. (Lots of jackets and probably four or five vests anyway) These just happen to be my favorite. ^^ Don't worry, I have other pictures where I wore a different outfit! (You may also notice the hat is the same hat with the decorations changed - there's no reason to not recycle a good hat!)

By this time, I had gotten my hair cut, so you can see the style is better. (This is the current style I have) I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Twice as many as last time... Ready your battle stations! Prepare for picspam!!!

Once again, favorite picture first! This was my facebook icon for a while. :D

Kuroshituji fans will recognize this pose...

Last pic of me posing like a dork, I swear. XD

Group shot! (Not everyone was there yet, so a few girls are missing)

On to play minigolf! I'm not very good at it. XD

I'm only posting this one because I find it hilarious. I have no idea why she chose to take a picture right then. XD

Skipping! Another candid shot. XD

Chillin' on a castle.

Inappropriate posing! It's kind of my thing. ;D

This picture would be better with sound because there would be music coming out from under my butt. XD

The subtle under-the-skirt-with-a-golfclub maneuver. ;D

No loli is safe!

The proposal! (I had just met this girl for the first time, so I move pretty fast. ;D Jk jk it's just a golf ball. XD)

To lay any worries to rest, none of the girls who were upskirted or perved on had any objections. XD (Half the time, it was their idea. XD)

Self-crit: I don't like how my vest doesn't cover the bottom of my shirt (I'm too damn tall!) I've since discovered that I can wear a sheer black camisole over my shirt and under my vest to give the illusion that my pants cover my shirt, and it does look much better! Also, in this post and the last post, I'm not wearing any makeup, and while I would like to say that it's because I'm confident in my appearance, it's really because I'm a lazy ass. So I think in future I'd like to at least put foundation and maybe eyeliner/mascara on, just to give the pictures a more polished look.

Comments are loved. :D Edit: Sorry, the post format made my pictures disappear!

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