The Bedbug (the_bedbug) wrote in egl,
The Bedbug

Newcomer to Classic Lolita

Hi c:

I've always been interested in lolita as fashion, but only recently have I considered wearing it myself.
My girlfriend is a sweet lolita, (which, for a newcomer, is very helpful) but I'm more interested in the Classic style.

I'm tall (5'7'') and busty, so I was worried about looking awkward, but my girlfriend has explained that lolitas come in all shapes and sizes, and you don't have to be a tiny Jaanese girl to pull it off. 

Although my girlfriend wears lolita often, I'm not quite confident enough to wear it regularly; I'd prefer to save it for special occasions or events, so I'll most likely not be investing in brand right away. 

I have a few questions I'm hoping you guys can answer for me :)

First of all, will I be looked down upon for selecting perhaps Bodyline over brand, or wearing off-brand or past season items? I've heard varying stories; some say lolitas are relatively unconcerned with the name on their outfits, where others have said those who don't wear brand are shunned. My estimation is that attitudes lie somewhere between these extremes, but I'm not too sure.

Secondly, what are the best ways to avoid looking like an "ita"? I know the basics, such as avoid things dripping with raschel lace or things that look cosplay-esque, but what else is there? Surely there's a deeper element of complexity? My girlfriend says I should avoid cheap fabrics and black with white lace; apparently the latter is a hallmark of the ita.

Thirdly, what are the best places to buy? I know that Innocent World and Mary Magdalene are good brands, but what others are there? I'm especially interested in those who focus on classic lolita.

Thank you! 
Also, general tips and hints are hugely appreciated. I've been scanning the memories and reading up on lolita, but I'm keen to learn more!

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