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Theme post!

Oh man, i LOVE shoes! So i'm going to post my 'unusual' lolita shoes along with a little about them comfort-wise and pricing :D!

Glenda wedges from Michael Antonio (around 35.00):
These are pretty old and haven't been re-released, but they are one of my favorite pair of shoes EVER. I got them at a local shop, but the brand is widely available online, and not too expensive. They are pretty comfy for the height and the are definitely a good bargain for the price!

Can't Touch This from Irregular Choice (around 150.00):
These are pretty new, and still available. My AMAZING friends all pitched in and got this for my b-day this year (I LOVE THEM FOREVER). Comfort wise, they don't have a lot of cushion in the front, so they hurt after a little while for me, but I think it is because I have high arches. I love the fabric, the heels, and the flower details though! They are a bit more than I usually spend on shoes for myself given the comfort problems, but they look amazing.

Undine by Everybody (around 100.00 on sale):
These were from last year, but you might still be able to find them online. I LOVE these. They are probably one of my favorite pairs of shoes I've gotten recently. I wear them a lot with my classical stuff, and they are SO comfortable. They are also really well made and I can walk in them for miles, they may cost a lot, but I think they are worth it for the comfort level.

Lindsey by Harajuku Lovers (around 45.00 from bargain website):
I have had these for a while now, but the color is kind of hard to match, and I have the same problem with these as I do with my Irregular Choice heels... they have little padding in the front, and my high arches make them very painful. I probably wouldn't pay full price for these. They are cute, but if wore pink, that would have been a much better colour to have gotten them in.

The next pair of unusual shoes I WANT to buy are from Neosens, particularly this pair:

for winter. They are pricey, but I have heard good things about the brand, but any more information would be lovely. I hope you like my small collection of 'odd' lolita shoes :)

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