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Metly Mermaid Headpiece

So I know some people have already posted co-ord pictures with AaTP's Melty Mermaid print, with the headdress included.

I just wanted to know if anyone has/has not received their headdress yet?

I reserved mine via the SF store and I still have not gotten any email regarding the headdress. I also checked the website and the headpiece isn't up there as well.
This is the first piece that I ever made a reservation for, and I am not aware of how long BABY takes to ship out reserves or if there is any difference between reservation arrivals between the SF store and others.

If you have received it, can you please mention where you reserved your order (website, store, etc)? The same goes to anyone that has not received it yet.

I really would like to wear my skirt but I would really like to wait for the headdress to come out first.

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