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Sock Question~

Okay, so I plan on getting some an*tai*na* socks, but I'm a tad concerned, they're knee socks, but I was wondering if they would fit me. I'm about 5'5" (I'm a tad shorter, but only by point something inches so I'm rounding up). The problem is I have a short torso but long legs and I don't want to buy the socks (no matter how cheap, since I want to buy a lot of socks...) then find out they only come to the calf. My calfs are a little... squishy (x.x fat) But I won't mind if they fit well on a normal sized leg, since I'm steadily  loosing weight  and it'll be like a little insentive: Awesome socks.

And if it is somewhere in the memories, I'm sorry but even typing in "socks" with an*tai*na* also "fit" I didn't find anything... Plus I really want to make sure before buying like, $20 worth of socks.
(Innocent World OTKs fit me fine, but they're pretty stretchy, and I don't know if they both have the same stretch.)
*edit my feet are 26cm

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