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EMS package status: "Retention"?

Hey everyone,

I purchased a skirt from Bodyline a few days ago, and it mailed out on August 29th. It made its way to my post office fine, apparently it arrived today-- but, when I open up the tracking link that Bodyline sent me, the package's status is "retention". Furthermore, in the next column it says "Retention period:". What bothers me is that it seems like normally it would SAY the retention period, due to the colon, but it's left blank.

I used the search feature here and couldn't find anything on this? A general Google search for "EMS retention" lists a lot of different advice-- simply waiting and they'll send it to you, or that you should pick it up from the post office, and I'm pretty confused. And why is the Retention period blank? Is that normal?

Sorry if this question has been asked before, and thanks so much!

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