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JetJ "Travelogue" Dresses

I haven't seen this posted yet and wanted to get the community's opinion on these new JetJ dresses. They're advertising them as "travelogue" dresses and I believe they're made out of a jersey fabric. This means when you fold them to pack in your suitcase they won't get wrinkled. Personally I'm a huge fan of them - I love the sleeves and jersey is very forgiving and comfortable. (and JetJ's prints are always gorgeous) On the other hand, being jersey, they're not as elegant as JetJ's other dresses. They're also charging 23,100 yen for them (that's for each one I'm assuming) which comes out to be around $300-pretty steep for a simple jersey material.

JetJ Travelogue Dresses

What's your opinion??
Tags: !new releases, *juliette et justine
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