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Lucky Pack (J-Pop Summit)

Hi hi~ this past weekend I was fortunate enough to have gotten a lucky pack at Baby during the J-Pop Summit event in San Francisco. It was my first attempt at getting a lucky pack, and I'm really happy with what I had gotten.

I got the $175 Baby lucky pack, and it was well worth it!

The pack contained
- A printed OP with detachable sleeves
- A cardigan
- A cutsew
- Printed tights
- Wristcuffs
- Headdress

Kitten and Room of Sweets in the black colorway!!! The print is from 2010 :O

Black cardigan with heart detailing

Black x White cutsew

Black x White headdress

Printed knit tights

White lace wristcuffs

My lucky pack was indeed lucky! I really love OP I had gotten. I was a bit unsure about it at first because of the bib and the fact that it is sweet print in a black colorway. Not what I would have considered my style before! But once I put it on I fell in love. I'm glad my lucky pack challenged what I thought was my style. The cardigan is my second favorite piece, I find it so lovely.

If you want to see more pictures of the detailing or a rundown of how smoothly getting the lucky pack went, please have a peek at my blog!

Thank you for looking!
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