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Victorian Girl Dress petticoat (ebay): positive review

Good evening ladies ~

I had the link to this place saved from who-knows-where on the internet, and after seeing two positive reviews for it, I decided to give these guys a try for myself and leave a review of my experience with them (you can never have too many reviews, after all).

I placed my order for this particular petticoat on 08/19/11. It's marked as being for ages 11-15, but the measurements for that group were close to mine, so I went ahead and ordered it.
It arrived on 08/27/11. I'm used to waiting at least a month or more for packages from China to arrive, so the time it took for the package to get here was pretty amazing. My petti even came two days before my textbooks, and I'd ordered THOSE at the beginning of the month. :/

It came to me in this brown envelope, which I wasn't too worried about. I figured it contained something pretty smooshy, so it would be just fine, that and it probably saved me the price of having to pay for a giant box. It was also wrapped in another layer of plastic for extra protection. Pulling it out of its package, I had to wonder how they even wrestled it in there to begin with, this thing is pretty big.

[ x ]
[ Between this petticoat and my old one, I'm running out of space in my armoire. @_@ ]
Quality wise, the fact that it smelled like new petticoat and nothing else strange was already a plus in my book.

[ x ]
It is made of this very soft tulle material, and included a satiny layer on the inside to protect your legs from possible scratchiness and hopefully petti-wedgie (my word for when petticoats like to gravitate between your legs while you're walking).

[ x ]
It also has an adjustable waist band, with a button to secure it to the size you want. There are a few holes notched into the elastic, so you actually have some choices.

With all the technicalities out of the way, onto the fun stuff! How this thing looks when it's worn.

[ x ]
[ I apologize for my socks. They were the only clean pair I had at the time, and it was freezing. ]
Here is what it looks like by itself. I've only owned one other petticoat, so I can't tell if this is massive or normal sized, but I'm pretty impressed by it all on its own.

[ x ]
This is a picture of it under one of my skirts. The material is fairly light.

[ x ]
[ Sorry the picture is so fuzzy, but hopefully the basic shape is still visible. ]
Here it is under a dress with a bit more weight to it at the bottom and a bit of a heavier cotton. It gives it a fairly nice body all on its own, something my older petticoat sort of struggled with.

[ x ]
I'm not sure if you can see it in this shot, but the back poofs out pretty epically. This skirt is also of a lighter material, but a bit heavier than the material of the first skirt pictured.

Over all, I am amazingly satisfied with what I received, especially in concerns with the price. For a Lolita on a budget, I really couldn't say no to $13.99 + $9.99 for shipping. This seemed almost too good to be true, and sometimes with ebay, it can be, but I was pleasantly surprised.

I can't say whether or not it will be one of those petticoats that "doesn't know what dying means," or how long it will last me until it does start to loose some of its life, but I figure some basic TLC should keep it with me for some time.

I hope this was helpful to some of you ~
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