miss_carousel (miss_carousel) wrote in egl,

BTSSB Sweet Fawn Reserve Question.

http://www.babyssb.co.jp/reserve/135333.html thanks to chibi tenshi previous post of the GLB scans I found out about BTSSB sweet fawn coat that started it's reserve on friday 26th. I have found some posts on how to order from the BTSSB website, but to be honest I have never done this before and I'm extremely nervous as my mother has agreed to go half with me for my birthday, so I'm not sure if a shopping service would be better. I really adore this coat in ivory (pictured above) . I cannot work out the boxes underneath the writing but I'm afraid it's out of stock, can any one confirm this for me please. If it is, is there anything i can do at all? I read that the coat will be available early to mid october, does that mean there will be an opportunity to buy one if you are unable to reserve or will i have to keep an eye out com sales? Thank you for any help people can give me it will be greatly received, may I also ask has any one reserved this coat them selves?
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