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Taobaospree Review

Hi ^^
A friend of mine and I just recently made our first Taobao order with Taobaospree and I thought I'd share my experience with you.

First a little timeline:

July 23 - I started bothering them with questions because I was unsure what and how to order. Doris was our agent and she was very helpful.
Aug 1  - I placed our order and the day after, I got the confirmation and paid. I was told it would take 2 weeks for my items to arrive at TBS.
Aug 17 - Our items arrived at their place and we decided to use DHL (because EMS is not recommended to Germany)
Aug 19 - I was told the price for shipping and I paid one or two days later
Aug 25 - I got the tracking number
Aug 29 - The package arrived *yay*

Service 4.5/5
As I said, Doris was our agent and she was very patient. I had a lot of questions and she always answered fast, even when their office hours were over. We just had a little misunderstanding because either her or my English is not perfect ;) And there was at least one random "lol" in every mail which was a little... well, curious ^^

Fees 5/5
We paid the price of our items + 10% service fee + Paypal fee. I think that is a reasonable price and I haven't heard of a  shopping service who takes less. All in all we paid just under 135 USD for 3 pairs of shoes, 2 bags and a necklace.
Even though I hadn't asked for it, the price was marked down to 23 USD on the bill. We wouldn't have had to pay customs anyway but this may even spare us the import sales tax!

Packaging and Shipping 3/5
Now this is where it gets a little disappointing. The package itself was okay, it was not squished or anything and the shoes and the necklace were wrapped pretty good (the shoes were even wrapped separately!) but the bags were just put together in a plastic bag without anything between them so now they have pressure marks (?) from each other. I asked for photos when they had arrived at their office and they didn't have those back then, so this is due to Taobaospree's packaging. So make sure to ask for them to be wrapped separately if you order more than one bag from the same seller!
Since EMS was no shipping option to Germany (or at least not recommended), we had the choice between China Post and DHL. We decided to use DHL even if it is much more expensive, because then the package would be insured. Doris told us the package weighed 5.5 kg so that all in all DHL shipping cost just under 90 USD, definitely more than we had expected. However, the package seemed pretty light to me when I received it, so I put it on the scales and it only weighed 3.6 kg! That is... I don't even know what to say to this. But it really sucks.

Will I recommend this shopping service?
Even though the shipping-thing really is a turn-off, the service is really good and the process of ordering is very easy, so yes, I recommend it. However, when they tell you how much your package weighs and you can't imagine it really being this heavy, maybe ask for a picture of how they are weighing it where you can clearly see the weight on the scales. Of course someone could fake a picture like this but it's the only thing I can think of when it comes to avoiding something like what I experienced.

I hope this was helpful to those who think about using Taobaospree ^^

For a review of the items, see my blogpost:

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