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Stock photo request

Sorry I know everyone hates these!
As far as AP goes . .

I'm looking for the stock photo of a certain Milky-chan cutsew
It's red, long sleeved, and has a rounded collar with the pink and blue edged stripes
There is also a milky chan logo on the chest

The second photo I'm hoping for, is of any skirt that matches it, that striped skirt particularly

And third from AP, is a hairbow that matches that same pattern.
It's this headbow but in red

All found thanks!
For Metamorphose I'm really stumped.

My sister described her dream dress to me, one she saw in a used store in Japan but I cannot figure it out!

She said the tag was most certainly Metamorphose
~white with blue music notes on it
~all over print ~heart shaped buckle under the bust
~flared out under the bust

She told me it is NOT 
~the music note special set jsk (I don't think this comes in blue anyway)
~girly note
~the melody note bustle back jsk

Any ideas?
 I would love to hunt this dress down to buy it for her . . but I don't know what she's talking about!

Thanks for your help  :)


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