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Taobao, Classic Puppets, Kira Kira, 69th Department and Momo & Jia Baby Review! [Positive]

So, I had a shopping spree at...well, taobaospree (excuse the pun) a while ago. Actually, it was ages ago, I think I received my package in April? And I said I'd post a review but I never did. Well, I will today, however late! These are the clothes I ordered, stock photos and my photos:

Classical Puppets Petticoat

69th Department blouse in white, size S

Momo & Jia Baby blouse in white, custom made

Kira Kira JSK in grey, custom made

I mostly bought these things for wardrobe staples. I originally wanted a Surface Spell short sleeved white blouse and Rose Melody Chandelier JSK but they were sold out. :-( Anyway, after everything was sorted out (it took a while to actually take my order and for it to arrive because things I picked were sold out, etc) and taobaospree sent my order, it arrived quite quickly - it took about a week to get from...China? To the UK. It was in a box and everything was nicely packed and folded in with a cute little card. I should've taken a picture of it in the box but I did take a picture of everything in their packaging separately.

This was the petticoat, packed in tightly!

This was the 69th Department blouse and I took it out to have a look at it, then put it back in its packaging so that's why it isn't folded up nicely. XD

The Momo & Jia blouse

This was the JSK, packed in tightly again!

And this is a little free-size petticoat they sent me with the dress, how sweet! I think you put it over a normal petticoat for a little more poof.

And now, photos of them hanging up and a review of the separate items:
This was the petticoat. It's ridiculously poofy, I'm so glad I got my hands on a Classic Puppets petticoat. The reviews do it justice! This petticoat is high quality, with millions of thin layers of soft fabric and a lace hem so that it still looks nice peeking out under a skirt. And when you put it under a skirt, the poof is practically horizontal! It's so awesome and I hope to use it for years to come.

Rococo rating:

This is the Momo & Jia Baby blouse and I am so glad I picked it as a wardrobe staple. I've had my eye on it for a while because it seemed perfect - not too plain, not too fussy so I can wear it on its own or under dresses. Because it was tailor made, it fits like a dream. It has gorgeous pin tucks on the chest, a peter pan collar, little pearl cufflinks/buttons on the wrists and lace ties at the back. It also has cute little pearl buttons to do it up too, they're so pretty. I wear this blouse all the time with casual Lolita so it definately does the job!

Rococo rating:

This is the 69th Department blouse and sadly, when I tried it on, it didn't fit. It fitted perfectly in the waist and stomach but not in the boobage and the sleeves were a little tight either. I ending up selling it on egl_comm_sales but I was still really disappointed, it's a gorgeous blouse. I definately want to buy it again if I do another taobao order or see it on egl_comm_sales. It was a size S so I'd get a size M if I did. It made me feel quite crap as well because, even though all clothes stores have their own sizes, I fit in small Bodyline and Anna House clothes. Never mind. :-(

Rococo rating:
This is the Kira Kira JSK and it is absolutely gorgeous! I love it to pieces. I was scared when I bought it because I'd heard with Kira Kira you "get what you pay for" and this only equated to about 18 GBP. So I was worried it was going to be bad quality but it really isn't! It has a sort of soft mesh overlay on top of the dress but it's not tutu mesh, scratchy or gross, it gives a wonderful transparent look to it. The accents are made of cottont too, such as the waist ties, detachable bows and ruffles. It is such a nice dress and fits me really nicely too because it was custom made. A gorgeous dress, custom made for £18! If you have a taobao order, get this!

Rococo rating:

Now, onto the taobaospree service. I had Doris as my taobao agent and she was so lovely. I asked a lot of questions and generally bugged the hell out of her but she answered them all and helped me as much as she could. As I said above, a lot of the stuff I picked out at first was sold out so she told me in good time and I picked out something else. Shipping was reasonable too, it was about £30 but it came in a week. The only thing with taobao is that you do have to buy at least 3 or 4 items in one go or else the shipping is extortionate, starting at about $23. It's because it's EMS and it's really good shipping but you do have to spend a lot to even it out. I would love to organise a taobaospree group order and buy lots of lovely things when I have the money, so I may do that in the future!

Rococo rating of taobaospree:
Total rococo rating of everything:

Thanks for reading my review and I hope this helps you if you are going to buy taobao at any point in the future! Thanks!
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