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UK customs now stricter? Warning by Taobao Spree agent... Please help


first of all thank you for reading.

I want to order as fast as possible from taobao and I thought of ordering via Taobao Spree.

I would like to use Yanwen/European Express line, since this their fees are comparable to EMS, but they proceed the shipping to Europe over UK. Usually and just 4 or 5 months ago, all small parcels (6 or 7kg) won't be checked by UK customs.

Whenever I let something be shipped via EMS a German company, gdsk, took over and I had to pay 100% custom fees + a handling fee of 27,xx euro, which I really don't want to pay...(moreover, they are really unfriendly and slow)

I hope you understand, why I want to use European Line.

But today Taobao Spree told me, that UK customs would be now much more stricter and would control now 100% every parcel O.O
Here's also a link to their announcement:

Could you please tell me about your recent experiences with UK customs?
Did all of your parcel get controlled?
And what about parcels which were marked down in value?

Also could you be so nice and tell me, if they only charge 20% of the whole value or if they charge some additional fees/percentages?

I would be happy about every single information from you, thank you :)

a taobaoholic ^^'
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