manapraxula (manapraxula) wrote in egl,

Cheap sailor coat and two questions

Dear lady’s,

I'm a new member to this community so forgive me if I sound like a n00b and my crappy grammar^^'

I've been loving Lolita for many, many years and I'm finally ready to buy my first item, a sailor coat. I did a lot of research to find a good sailor coat that doesn't look like a cosplay and which is cheap. My eye fell on 2 coats, the one of Zara and the one of HMHM. I don't have too much hope for Zara so it should be easy. Till I read the reviews (which date out of 2010) of the custom sizes of HMHM and that things went wrong in the past, especially with the sleeves. I'm a tall girl (176 cm) and I will need to the length that I can get.

After this I have 2 questions:

Did they changed with the custom sizes and in case they haven't, do you know another cheap sailor coat?
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