baroque_mana (baroque_mana) wrote in egl,

Baroque English page open!

Hi  !

it's Mana kim from South Korea.

i have two good news! i hope you like it too.

first, Baroque English page opened! at last^-^

you can get information from here    check the bottom of page. click the <How To Order> please.

and 2nd.

Baroque participate "Japan Fashion Base" service.

you can see indies brands of Japan, Korea, Taiwan

please visit here ^-^

and now,  i'm preparing new original print.

this is my new work! i don't finished yet, but soon i'll update on my website.

what do you think about the print image?

is it look good? i really want to know what you think ^-^

thank you for reading this. have a good day sweets !

Tags: !news, *baroque
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