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International Pirate Day Meet

I'm organising a Lolita meet for International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
All styles are welcome, not just pirate and sailor style.
We will be meeting at Piccadily Gardens in Manchester on Sunday 18th September at 11am.

I know that International Talk Like a Pirate day is on Monday, but Sunday is the better day for a meet
One we have all met, we will head to the tourist information shop,
thats where the fun will begin. Each Lolita will need to bring a camrea
phone with bluetooth along to the meet for a picture scavenger hunt
around Manchester City Centre (if you don't have one, I will make sure to put you ina team that has a few)
. You will be split into teams and given aBag of Loot containing a treasure map amoungst
other things.
We will set off in 10 min intervals (Yup, I've organised
a few of these). After the treasure hunt we will meet up again for
Lunch around 1pm. After lunch our time is our own!!! I will have a few
things up my sleeve but suggestions for party games will be appreicated.
Also, if someone wants to help out with the organising, lemme know!

I'm gonna try and have a bag of eye patches and what not so you can pirate yourself up if you want!

I've made a facebook group event, let me know and I can add you to it, but LJ works just as fine too.


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