Toast Chan (toastandudon) wrote in egl,
Toast Chan

Off-Brand Classic Lolita Finds

I found some great accessory finds for classic lolita at Victorian Trading co. today :)

Crochet lace topped socks $12  -Beautiful lace for the price  

Beautiful Ruffled Blouse $50

Venetian Lace cuffs $25 This lace...!

Rose Necklace $70 Expensive, but wow.

Rose Scissors $65

Beautiful Flower Teacups $8/eaWould be perfect for a teaparty.

Antique Bracelet $20

Floral Wellies $50 Mary Magdalene x Wellies ;)

Their full site is here:
I could keep posting their stuff forever but I'll stop here. Some of it's kind of kitsch, and some of it's brand-level expensive, but their are some really well-priced gems in here. I reccommend looking through their stationary too, it's gorgeous.

I've never ordered from here but I definitely will in the future. Any lolis with experience ordering from here please do share! :)


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