Noirabu (noirabu) wrote in egl,

A question for all those seamstresses out there

OK so i was making a mock up for a jsk, the kind with the gathered/pleated waist. All the dresses i have bought/made up until now have been a-line. So here is the thing. I have a tiny waist (24 inches) so i only used a bit over 2 yards for the skirt. However, for some reason, i don't feel like the skirt is full enough. I'm not really sure if it is not enough fabric or if i'm just so used to my a-line skirts (which are all almost or are full circle) and my huge petticoat.

so my question to you is.. How much fabric do you usually use in your rectangle skirts? Just trying to find an average for fabric amount that allows for a significant amount of poof
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