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Review: Bodyline Dress L003 in Sax *Positive* (image heavy)

The dress: I ordered Bodyline's L003 dress.

Here is the product image:

Order time:
I ordered the dress on Aug. 19 and received it on the 22nd! I used EMS. The package came to me in good condition. I was very excited that it came so fast.

The real deal:

Bodyline's measurements: Back center length 36.22- 37.01in
Bust 32.28-36.22in
Waist 25.20- 29.13in

My measurements: B34in W28in H37in and I'm 5ft. 

Very nice, the fabric is thick and soft. The colors are much brighter than the stock photos.

The bow on the front was detachable by pin. I put it on a head bow. :)

The lace was not so nice, but having looked at some of the stock photos, I was expecting it.
Sort of stiff and scratchy, but not really noticeable I think.

The back had cross straps that were adjustable. This was nice because I have a short torso. You can see that all the seams are serged. 
The back is shirred and has a ribbon corseting.

The ribbon detailing on the front is sort of ehhhh, I might remove it.

The side zipper is sadly not an invisible zipper, but it goes up smoothly and is hidden well.

With it on!
It fit so nicely maybe a bit snug. I wear 32D bra and my ribcage is 29in, so I was a bit worried that i would be an odd fit, but the shirring makes it fit just right. It hits just below my knees with a petti. I think a larger girl would fit in it pretty well.

Final say:

Quality: 4/5
Fit: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Cost: 4/5 ( I was silly and bought it before the September sale)

Sneaky extra: What I was wearing before it came in. Haha.

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