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Review: Miscy - Blouse commission (Positive)

I've been meaning to do this reveiw for a while now, but I only got the time to get to it now...

Anyway, about two months ago I made a "Want to Commission" for a blouse to match my Midsummer Night's Dream skirt.

 miscy agreed to make this commission for me. She was always very kind and helpful and I am most satisfied with her services

I wanted a design like this, only in a color that would somehow match my skirt.

This is the result:

(this first picture was borrowed from the respective post that Miscy made on sew_loli and is not mine)


I really love it. Miscy went as far as to borrow one of her friend's (I am grateful to her friend for that) Navy Midsummer's JSK, so that she could find a fabric that could match well. This color matches the accents of the skirt perfectly. She even found matching buttons and made custom dye color for the lace, since the color is a very specific shade of blue with purple.




Back and detachable bow

Inside out

I really love how even the inside of the blouse is so polished. No loose threads or fraying at all.


Rating : 5/5

Communication: 5/5. 

She always replied quickly to my every question and was able to do exactly what I wanted with the blouse

Quality: 5/5. 

The fabric is soft, the color of the fabric matches the lace completely, there is no bleeding, no loose threads and everything is sturdy and well-sewn. She even included washing and caring instructions!

Shipping: 5/5. 

She shipped as soon as she finished it and it arrived very fast

Fit:5 /5

Cost: 5/5

I consider the cost to be extremely reasonable. It was not a cheap commission, but given the quality and the fact that it was custom made and exactly how I wanted it, I wouldn't expect a cheaper price.

All in all, I am very satisfied and I would gladly ask her to make something for me again. I hope you found this reveiw somehow useful.

Tags: review product: blouses/cutsews, review: seamstress

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