randgrys (randgrys) wrote in egl,

Some questions about AP Wonder Cookie

I'm not new lolita at all, but I wasn't aware of AP until last year (around november) as I always liked more Btssb and Aatp.
But I changed tastes on clothes at the beginning of this year, and I'm now in love with some of AP designs
One of them is Wonder Cookie, but I have a few questions about that print:

Was it released as in store item, or did you have to make a reserve for it?
What was the most popular color and design?
Is it really popular amongst other AP prints?
What's the price of the items around these days? (As I haven't seen a lot of Wonder Cookie pieces on EGL Sales lately...)
Did the replica had any effect on the value of the original print? (I hope not, because the replica is just awful)

Thanks in advance, and I hope you have a nice day n.n

EDIT: I read something abouth the replicas, which leads me to think, Is there a replica in black or white colorway? because I've never seen one o.o'
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