the girl that couldn't fly (lone_gothic) wrote in egl,
the girl that couldn't fly

Mirrors. I do not think you understand how they work.

So while I was browsing Taobao and trying to see if Dream of Lolita would tell anyone when they were shipping off their Vampire Requiem replicas (my shopping service said the end of August, but not to expect anything because they had so many delays), I see...

... that they don't know how mirrors work.

I think.

Oh, try saying that ten times fast.

Either something is up when they flipped these images or... they printed it wrong.

There has never been a more relevant case of caveat emptor. Maybe.

ETA: ... is this new LJ posting format messing up anyone else's post? I put up a cut and it was wiped clean. It seemed to happen to this week's loli secrets too.
Tags: discussion: replicas
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