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Perler Bead Sweet Lolita/Fairy Key Accessories. Opinions?

So a few weeks ago I was tumbling around on Tumblr and I saw some things made out of Perler beads, AKA those little plastic melty bead things you used to make stuff with when you were little, and I had the urge to try them myself.

I have sort of become addicted to it now XD I made a bunch of various kinds of accessories that I plan on putting into my allmost ready to re-open Etsy shop, but as an infrequent wearer of the more pastel side of Sweet Lolita, I'd really like some opinions on these, as well as some ideas on what to price them. I'm totally aware that Perler beads are not exactly the definition of elegance, but I was really more inspired by the kitchy 80's style of Fairy Kei for these, so I'm definitely know that they are not for everyone's style of Lolita! I just really had a lot of fun making these and I would love to have a reason to make some more! 

Before the pictures, please keep in mind that my current necklace display is a mini one, so necklaces look much much larger than they really are!

This heart is really only about a 1.25" tall, a pretty average pendant size. I actually tried a few different variations of suspending the heart, from the middle, tilted to the side, but this way is my favorite.

Some Fairy Kei brand, I think it was Cute Can Kill (but I can't find any examples on their site!) made these awesome little pastel clay cross rings that I really loved, so, as crosses are incredibly easy to make, I made my own Perler version as earrings. These are just a teeny bit over 2" tall, they are also a slightly paler purple, more of a lavener, I am just having one heck of a time getting the right color on a purple background. 

I love dual brooches! I think my theory is that one brooch is awesome, so 2 brooches ATTACHED to each other is about infinitely more awesome. These are the same size as the above heart, about 1.25" wide with a good sized gold chain connecting them.

Another dual brooch! Definitely my favorite! Also pretty big, probably better for clipping to clothes than to hair (this is actually one of those pin/clip combo things), it's shown on a fairly standard sized Bodyline detachable bow for size reference. The moon is about 3" on either side, and the star less than 2". I think AP's recent moon print dress has really made me want to add more moons and stars to my Lolita XD

A relatively simple, and not very large, rainbow hair clip. About 3" wide.

I really wish I had a larger display for this one! The moon is the same size as the one above, about 3", and it's on a fairly long pink chain with an asymetrical pearl and plastic bow arrangement.

A pretty simple ice cream clip/brooch combo, about 3.5" high. I actually would like to deco this up a bit with some rhinestones, but as these are pretty much my first couple of batches of Perler things, I am really liking the plainer ones.

Definitely the largest things I've made! The cat is about the same height as the pony. The last picture is mostly just to show scale, as I am sure most people wouldn't really want to just randomly clip these half on their ponytails XD While the other things are made on square grids, or on parts of pegboards, these are actually made on specially shaped cat and pony pegboards. These ones are deifinitely something I would like opinions on, because, for me, they are just too big to do much besides turn them into purse charms or MAYBE clip them to a bow or wear as a brooch, if I wore huge headbows or something, I would consider clipping them to that, but I really don't so I don't know if that would just be too much or what.

So, those are some of the things I have made, and I am definitely looking for input! Would you really only consider something like this if it was, say, a keychain or a purse charm? Or would you prefer to wear them as accessories and jewelry? If so, what kind? Hair clips? Necklaces? Oversized rings?

Price ideas are also greatly appreciated! I am considering the smaller simpler things (the rainbow, the ice cream) at about $4, the larger ones (pony, kitty) $7 since they are mearly a bit tedious to make, not really material/labor heavy. Smaller decorated (heart, crosses) maybe about $9, larger ones (moon, dual brooches) $13-$16, depending on the chain/beadwork, as I hand make all my pearl chains and it's not the easiest thing in the world.

I tried to gauge how much other people sell Perler things for but the prices range so much, from $4 to detailed sprites to $20+ for a pegboard pony with rhinestones. So some input would really be appreciated! 

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