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So-Cal: Tune in Tokyo: Good Girl Bad Girl REMINDER

Just a reminder to everyone that Tune in Tokyo's Good Girl Bad Girl event is THIS WEDNESDAY

Event starts at 8pm-12am.
It takes place at the Royal T in Cluver city.

Tune in tokyo will be DJing all night with great music, including Jpop and Kpop, and lots of other great international music!

The Royal T Cafe will also be open with a special menu just for the event.

The Full list of vendors are:

Qpop (A shop that sells many punk related goods as well as Swimmer items)

H.Naoto (A popular Japanese Gothic, Punk and Lolita brand)

Chubby Bunny (A brand that sells adorable accessories, including the super popular Hello Kitty puff bow you've been seeing lolitas wear)

Gothic Lolita Wigs (A Very popular shop that is known for their blended wigs in the Lolita community)

Dearie (A brand that sells carefully well made acessories perfect for lolita)

Mugi Bunny (A cute line that sells very professional accessories for lolita)

Kawaii Carnival (A wondeful brand that is very sweet lolita with a hint of fairy kei)

Holley Tea Time (A cute brand with lots of color in its design)

This event is also sponsored by Anime Jungle (Also known as the Cure shop in Little Tokyo)

There is a back to school girl theme, but not required. Though this is the perfect opportunity to join a hand full of girls who are doing a Harry Potter theme group co-ord. 

Hope to see you there <3
link to Event page



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