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Shopping Services: What?

I've been digging around the old forum posts, and came across Taobao and mentions of how amazingly cheap it is with 'shopping services'. Considering it as an alternative to Bodyling, I dug further, looking for reviews of the products they send out. I was thrilled by the generally good quality, and went skipping off to try. ...unfortunately, I ended up blindly clicking around because I had no idea what I was doing, and closed the window, defeated and thoroughly confused.

What is a shopping service? How to you start to use one? And, most importantly for the thrifty Lolita, is Taobao cheaper than Bodyline with shipping included? I ended up missing out on the cheap DHL shipping from Bodyline. A 38 dollar coat is now 99 after EMS shipping tacked on, and I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to going with surface shipping and waiting 3 months, only to find out that the box was lost and I'm not getting a refund.

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